Every year, Drama Club brings together students from different forms, who are usually full of enthusiasm for drama. The purpose of the establishment of our club is to deepen the students' understanding of the drama and let them know that drama is not an abstraction of "art". It is actually a reflection of people's lives. It is closely related to life and is incredibly fun. The events that have been held include:

  1. Performing arts invitations to perform at school (such as Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Chung Ying Theatre and Drama Gallery)
  2. Participation in the Hong Kong School of Drama Festival
  3. Different types of workshops and lectures
  4. Groups to enjoy performing arts in public theatres

Finally, we hope that all students can continue to support and participate in our activities, and promise that we will continue to carry forward our vision and will arrange various activities in the future.


  1. 邀請本地的劇團到校表演(如香港話劇團、中英劇團、劇場工作室等)
  2. 舉行不同類型的工作坊、講座
  3. 參與香港學戲劇節
  4. 組團欣賞話劇

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