Class Structure

Presently, the school runs 30 classes from Form 1 to Form 6.

To help our students lay a stable and solid foundation in language subjects, we organize English and Chinese remedial classes for Form 2 and Form 3 students and there are smaller classes for students needing more attention and support in Form 4, Form 5 and Form 6. A Pre-secondary One Summer Bridging course is designed and offered to all Form 1 students so that they can better adapt to learning in an EMI school and be equipped with the language skills.


Allocation of classes:
Form 1Form 2Form 3Form 4Form 5Form 6
No. of Classes555555

ClassClass Teacher(s)
1CMs. Cheung Hang HangMs. Fung Yu Qi
1SMiss Lam Hiu ManMr. Lau Siu Hang
1AMr. Ho Sheung KwanMiss Fung Yuen Ting
1MMr. Cheng Yan Lam DARRELLMiss Lau Yik Tsz
1EMr.Leung SingMs. Mok Hiu Nam
2CMr. Ng Man ChunMrs. Wong Tang Wai Kuen
2SMr. Lau Ka YuMs. Man Po Yan
2AMiss Leung Hoi YanMs. Tsui Suet Kuen
2MMs. Ng Wai LingMr. Lam Lap
2EMr. Tsang Kai YipMiss So Wai Yan
3CMr. Man Yat ChoMiss Leung Yik Kwan
3SMr. Au Kam HingMr. Kwan Tze Hon
3AMs. Fung Ching ChingMs. Ip Wing Yan
3MMr. Shiu Yi Ho Ms. Yiu Shuk Ping
3EMr. Leong Ho YiuMiss Wong Ho Yan
 Class TeacherAssistant Class Teacher
4CMr. Tang Wai YipMs. Lee So Chun
4SMr. Li Ting FungMrs. Leung Tse Wing Cheung
4AMr. Sin Wai YinMs. Lee So Chun
4MMs. Lam Hiu NamMr. Wong Wing Yip
4EMs. Lo Lai ShanMiss Wong Fung Ming
5CMs. Yu Ching ShanMr. Wong Wing Yip
5SMiss Chau Hoi ManMr. Tang Kwong Yee
5AMr. Man Kam ToMiss Li Lai Hung
5MMiss Kwok Kwan YuetMiss Li Ching Yan
5EMr. Sin Ka HoMr. Wong Kwok Kin
6CMs. Chan Yee LingMiss Lee Yan Ki
6SMr. Ho Ming GongMr. Chan Po Yuen
6AMr. Tsang Wui YinMiss Wong See Yan
6MMr. Fung Tsz HoMrs. Leung Tse Wing Cheung
6EMiss Chan Mei WaMiss Chung Jenny