The school adopts a whole-school approach to implementation of holistic pastoral care work. 


The Pastoral Care Committee plans and coordinates the pastoral care work. It comprises of three divisions: Discipline, Counselling and Student Support and Ethos. Through close cooperation, the committee aims to provide holistic support for students in their personal growth. The Head of Year (HOY) at each year level also takes a vital role in student development and class management. 


The school attaches great importance to leadership development and nurturing our students to be all-rounded youngsters by organizing systematic and holistic leadership training programmes inside and outside school, such as “One-student-one-post Scheme”, “Prefect Leadership Training Day Camp” and “Peer Power – Student Gatekeeper Training Programme”. 

  • Student Leaders Inauguration Ceremony 

  • Student leaders make a vow to serve the school and community wholeheartedly

  • Systematic and holistic leadership training programme – Adventure-Ship training for the Prefect Team

  • Systematic and holistic leadership training programme-“Peer Power – Student Gatekeeper Training Programme”