Home Economics Club - Pastry Puff Making Class

Date: 17/06/2022

The Home Economics Club and the Library and Reading Club held a healthy rice dumpling cooking activity after school on 25th May. With the library teacher Miss Wong’s sharing, students could learn more about the tradition and fun facts of making rice dumplings such as the calorie level of the dish and different ways of writing Chinese words on rice dumplings.

Besides, we introduced the nutritional values of the food ingredients to let students know why their hand-made rice dumplings are healthier. Not only did 20 students participate in it, but Principal Yau and 5 teachers also joined the event. All the ingredients were sponsored by our school. We know that the atmosphere of the event was great by seeing students and teachers helping and talking with one another. A full tray of students' and teachers’ hand-made rice dumplings was the best proof that they enjoyed a lot in the event. They all looked forward to the next cooking event.