Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary School was established in 1978.

The plan to establish Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary School started in 1961, when the Board of Directors of the Yuen Long Merchants Association (the then Yuen Long Chamber of Commerce) formed a steering committee to work on the project. There were nevertheless changes in situations – typhoons, rainstorms, and even a run on the bank - that stopped the project from being implemented according to plan.

  • It was not until 1969 when the government carried out the Secondary Education Development Policy that the Yuen Long Merchants Association reinstated the committee, which took up the sole responsibility to plan the establishment of the new school. The objective was to build a fully equipped secondary school with a high quality school building. In due course, the Yuen Long District Office gave its consent to grant the committee a piece of crown land with an area of some 60,000 sq. ft. adjacent to the Yuen Long Chamber of Commerce Primary School, and also a substantial amount of building and equipment funds. The committee was encouraged by further support from the local community as well as from earnest individuals who generously gave their donations to the project.

  • In April 1970, Mr. Choi Chong Yip, Chairman of the Yuen Long Merchants Association, flew to Europe and America at his own expense, and urged expatriates from Yuen Long residing in countries such as England, the Netherlands, and the United States to donate to the project. The fund-raising exercise gained great support from the overseas Yuen Long expatriates, while at the same time all the members of the committee gave generously themselves. In addition, local celebrities and businessmen followed suit and donated eagerly. The fund-raising target was thus completed successfully.

The foundation stone laying ceremony was held on 21 January 1975. Mr. David Akers-Jones, Secretary for the New Territories, officiated at the ceremony, and Mr. Adolf Hsu, District Officer of the Yuen Long District Office, planted a tree to commemorate the occasion. Piling began at 1977, and in January 1978, building work started. In March 1979, construction work was completely finished, and construction fees reached an amount of six and a half million Hong Kong dollars.

The duration of the construction period lasted more than ten years. The opening ceremony of the school building was at last held on 23 October 1979, and once again Mr. David Akers-Jones officiated at the ceremony and addressed the gathering.