Teaching Staff

There are 74 teachers and 1 assistant teacher in our school. All of our teachers have completed professional teacher training courses and are university graduates. 40 have obtained a master’s degree or above.

The school constantly encourages teachers to attend professional development courses and participate in seminars, and nominates teachers to enroll in various courses to further enhance teaching capacity. With the special grants offered by the Education Bureau and other resources, the school makes special arrangements for teachers to attend courses or seminars relevant to their teaching and non-teaching duties.

NameSubject  Email
Mr. Yau Chi Leung(Principal)ycl@ylmass.edu.hk
Mrs. Lau Ng Fung ShanChinese Language, Putonghua, Value Educationnfs@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Sung Hoi YanPhysics, Scienceshy@ylmass.edu.hk
Mrs. Leung Tse Wing CheungEnglish Language, , Value Educationtwc@ylmass.edu.hk
Miss Wong Fung Ming

Citizenship and Social Development/Liberal Studies,

Service Learning and Civic Education

Mr. Au Kam HingEnglish Languageakh@ylmass.edu.hk
Miss Chan Mei WaBiology, Sciencecmw@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Chan Po YuenChinese Languagecpy@ylmass.edu.hk
Mrs. Chan Tam Ching Yin Economicstcy@ylmass.edu.hk
Mrs. Chan Wong Wing ShanEnglish Languagewws@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Chan Yee LingChinese Language, Chinese Literature, Chinese Historycyl@ylmass.edu.hk
Miss Chau Hoi ManLiberal Studies, Service Learning and Civic Educationchm@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Cheng Ka PoPhysical Educationckp@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Cheng Yan Lam DARRELL
English Language
Ms. Cheung Hang HangChinese Language, Putonghuachh@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Cheung Man KamChinese Languagecmk@ylmass.edu.hk
Miss Chung JennyChinese Language, Chinese Literaturecj@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Fung Ching ChingEconomics,  Service Learning and Civic Education、Life and Societyfcc@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Fung Tsz HoPhysical Education, Citizenship and Social Development/Liberal Studiesfth@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Fung Yu QiHistory, Service Learning and Civic Educationfyq@ylmass.edu.hk
Miss Fung Yuen TingChinese Language, Putonghuafyt@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Ho Ming GongChemistry,  Sciencehmg@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Ho Sheung KwanMathematicshsk@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Ip Wing YanGeography, Liberal Studiesiwy@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Kwan Tze HonChemistry, Science, Citizenship and Social Development/Liberal Studieskth@ylmass.edu.hk
Miss Kwok Kwan YuetChinese Languagekky@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Kwok Wing ShingDesign and Technologykws@ylmass.edu.hk
Miss Lam Hiu ManMathematicslhm@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Lam Hiu NamGeography, Citizenship and Social Developmentlhn@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Lam LapMathematics (Core and Extended Module 1)ll@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Lau Ka Yu

Tourism and Hosiptality Studies, Service Learning and Civic Education,

Life and Society, Citizenship and Social Development

Mr. Lau Siu HangHistorylsh@ylmass.edu.hk
Miss Lau Yik TszMusic, Mathematics, Computer Literacylyt@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Lee So ChunChinese Historylsc@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Lee TutiChinese Language, Putonghua, Value Educationlt@ylmass.edu.hk
Miss Lee Yan KiBusiness, Accounting and Financial Studies, Life and Societylyki@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Lee Yin KuenMathematics (Core, Extended Module 1 and 2)ykl@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Leong Ho Yiu
English Language
Miss Leung Hoi YanBiology, Sciencelhy@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Leung SingChemistry, Design and Technologyls@ylmass.edu.hk
Miss Leung Yik KwanVisual Artslykn@ylmass.edu.hk
Miss Li Ching YanTourism and Hospitality Studies, Liberal Studieslcyn@ylmass.edu.hk
Miss Li Lai HungChinese Historyllh@ylmass.edu.hk
Mrs. Li Wang Kwok KuenHome Economicslwkk@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Li Ting Fung
English Language
Ms. Lo Lai ShanChinese Language, Putonghualls@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Lok Ho WaiBusiness, Accounting and Financial Studieslhw@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Man Kam ToMathematicsmkt@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Man Po YanVisual Arts, Geographympy@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Man Yat ChoPhysics, Science, Mathematicsmyc@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. MARTIN Lyndsey Marie
English Language
Ms. Mok Hiu NamEnglish Languagemhn@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Ng Man ChunInformation and Communication Technology, Mathematicsnmc@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Ng Wai Ling
English Language
Ms. Ng Ying FaEnglish Languagenyf@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Shiu Yi Ho Information and Communication Technology, Computer Literacysyh@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Sin Ka HoPhysics, Science, Design and Technologyskh@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Sin Wai YinEnglish Languagewys@ylmass.edu.hk
Miss So Wai YanMusic, Historyswy@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Tang Kwong YeeMathematics (Core, Extended Module 1 and 2)tky@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Tang Pui Shan
English Language
Mr. Tang Wai Yip
English Language
Mr. Tsang Kai YipChemistry, Science, Mathematicskyt@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. THERON Christine
English Language
Mr. Tsang Wui YinBusiness, Accounting and Financial Studies, Economicstwy@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Tsui Suet KuenChinese Language, Putonghua, Geographytsk@ylmass.edu.hk
Miss Wong Ho YanChinese Language, Putonghuawhy@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Wong Kwok KinBiologywkk@ylmass.edu.hk
Miss Wong See YanMathematics (Core and Extended Module 2), Value Educationwsy@ylmass.edu.hk
Mrs. Wong Tang Wai KuenEnglish Languagetwk@ylmass.edu.hk
Mr. Wong Wing YipPhysical Education, Chinese Historywwy@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Wong Yee SuenChinese Languagewys@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Yiu Shuk PingChinese Language, Chinese Literatureysp@ylmass.edu.hk
Ms. Yu Ching ShanChinese Languageycs@ylmass.edu.hk