The Counselling Committee aims to oversee and support students’ emotional needs at different developmental stages, and to promote psychological well-being through adopting a whole-school approach. The committee works closely with all school personnel, parents, social workers, student counsellor and professionals for improvement of students’ behavioral issues at both preventive and remedial level. The committee also forms a peer counsellor team to help promote a positive learning environment and peer networking.

  • Students join Mosaic Coaster making workshop for relaxation

  • Students join Herbarium making workshop for relaxation

  • Peer counsellors promote thankfulness in the “Thankful Lane” activity

  • Peer counsellors acquire empathetic listening and responding skills in training programmes and orgainize a dried flower bookmark making workshop for promoting mental health

  • Social Worker promotes psychological well - being through class activity

  • Students actively participate in Social Workers’ class activity