MASSIANS’ Sharing Day

Date: 08/10/2022

In order to develop a closer rapport and further enhance the interaction between the alumni and students, the Career & Life Exploration Committee organised an activity entitled The MASSIANS’ Sharing Day in October 2022, where students had better understanding of themselves and gained more knowledge of what is happening at workplace and in the society.

To celebrate its 45th anniversary, the School successfully invited more than forty alumni, who are working in various industries and studying a wide range of programmes, including medicine, medical technology, architecture, data analysis, law, aerospace engineering, social welfare, education, communications as well as business.

Through the insightful sharing by the alumni based on their profession and personal experiences, the participating students have been more familiar with the latest trend at workplace and in tertiary education. With reference to the good examples set by the alumni who possess a significant trait of Massians, i.e. striving for excellence with a global vision, students are expected to explore their individual interests and set clear study goals as soon as possible.