S4 OLE Day – Inter-school Debate Competition

Date: 11/07/2023

The annual inter-school debate competition organized by the Debate Club aims to promote critical reflection on social issues through debating, broaden students' horizons and enhance their reasoning skills.


This year, after six rounds of preliminary matches and two rounds of ranking matches, the final was held on 11th July 2023 between Shing House (affirmative) and Chung House (negative) on the topic of "The benefits of using ChatGPT for improving learning outweigh the drawbacks". In the free debate section, both sides showcased strong teamwork and analytical skills, and the final victory was awarded to Zhong Society.


The judging panel, consisting of Principal Yau, Vice Principal Sung, and Ms Chow, provided insightful feedback to the participants, improving their analytical skills and language abilities. Additionally, Form Four students gained exposure to various debating techniques, having watched the competition and completed the learning log. They also participated in a live voting section to determine the winning team.


It is hoped that more students will participate in future debating competitions, developing their ability to express themselves clearly and acquiring the qualities of a Massian who is globally aware and community-minded.