YLMASS English Public Speaking Competition 2020

Date: 22/12/2020

The final of YLMASS English Public Speaking Competition 2020 was successfully held on Microsoft Teams on 15th December 2020, with eight finalists who are Primary Six students of seven schools in the district delivering self-prepared speeches based on three given topics. The results of the competition are as follows:






Lau Chung Yan, Yannis

Yuen Long Merchants Association Primary School

1st Runner-up

Wong Yeuk Kiu, Elizabeth

Yuen Long Long Ping Estate Wai Chow School

2nd Runner-up

Li Hei Long, Harry

Chung Sing School

3rd Runner-up

Wong Hon Yee, Samuel

Chung Sing School



Merit Awards


Yeung Chun Fan, Oscar

Quinto Lam

Reginald Cheng

Richard Angel

(in alphabetical order)

S.K.H. Ling Oi Primary School

W F Joseph Lee Primary School

CCC Chun Kwong Primary School

Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary School (Branch)


Congratulations to all the awardees! We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the primary schools which participated in the first and final rounds of the competition for their tremendous support. Our special thanks go to the contestants and their teachers for their hard work and considerable efforts made for the preparation for the competition despite their tight learning and teaching schedule during the COVID-19 pandemic in recent months. It is believed that every participant has gained valuable experience in public speaking. We look forward to meeting many more primary school students in the future English activities to be held by our school.